If I am in the process of purchasing a home and my status changes, i.e., loss job, hours etc., can I still purchase a home?

Contact your real estate agent immediately.  They will advise you to contact the lender immediately.  After careful review of your financial situation, the lender will make a determination if the loan can be properly funded.

Is it important to have a home inspection?  If so, is it the seller’s obligation to correct any repairs that I ask for?

Answer:  A home inspection is optional.  However, LJH INFINITY Realtors strongly advises that each buyer get a home inspection.  The home inspection is for the buyer.  It serves as a instrument for how the house functions and it’s systems. The seller is under no obligation to do the repairs.

If an agent knows that a murder or death took place at a property that I am interested in, should the agent inform me?

Answer:  This property is known as a stigmatized property.  An agent is not obligated to tell a client about a property that is stigmatized.  However, if the buyer asked ask the agent did a death/murder occur and the agent knows for a fact that this is true, then agent shall deal honestly with the buyer.

Once my home goes on the market, can I raise or lower the list price?

Answer:  Yes, the seller in writing can make any price adjustments they deem necessary.